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I did it. I can't really deny the fact that i have a problem now. So much to worry about. I've planned them all. I know, it's horrible, but i can't resist the urge; never could. What will come of this i'm not sure, all i know is that i'm in very deep. The cops may catch on soon, all i can do is keep moving. No one has to know what i've done. I haven't told a single person. Silence is necessary for sanity. It's also good at preventing more deaths. So many damn deaths. I'm a monster. It's just such a perfect release. No one could understand unless they've done it. Made an evil career of it even. Someday they'll find them, all i can do is hope for the better. Paranoia isn't a good friend. Far far from it in fact. What am i to do? There's no point in quitting. What would quitting really accomplish this late in the game? Just one less on a list. No, why not tally that list into the hundreds? I've nothing better to do with my time anymore. Not that i ever did really. Tomorrow? I don't know what tomorrow may bring. More death, more momentary clips of sanity, maybe even new releases. Who the hell knows?

Special Note
(This is a work of fiction as is everything in this diary. No one is really dead, no one will be dead. No crimes have really been committed.)
This is the mock diary of a serial killer. It is NOT real!

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