Always Watching

I thought perhaps i should be more organized in my pursuits.

The other day on the way to my friend's trailer, i noticed a typical trollop strolling down the street. No biggy really, it is the ghetto after all. That's what lives in Jackson ghettos; whores, trollops, fools, and addicts of both genders. It's a lot like watching cartoon people go by. So predictable and so animated. This particular trollop i noticed only because she was the first white one to happen along. No, i'm not racist, just particular. I made a decision to move. No body would miss a trollop, not really anyway. Conversation was passed, introductions made, and then, well...there was a car ride. I can't say i killed her. No, that would be foolish, because this one i didn't. She did however, disappear into the night without a trace.

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