The hiatus has been long.  I've languished in foolish savageries never thinking ahead well enough.  The world's a vampire that seeks to drain me but i must work around this.  I can be the king or i can be taken as a pawn, easily disposed of.  No, no that won't do at all.  I must remain the king, unchecked.  Minions get in the way, friends are a myth.  They lay as waste decaying beautifully in a colorful heap of disgust.  I've seen the watchers, they observe, they stay hidden in the distance.  How do i remain ahead if i am constantly pursued.  Death to the pursuers, that's the only way.  Always damn it, always there will be more.  I hide yet i'm never really alone.  The curse i've given to myself but what the fuck do i do now to get rid of it?  Cease what i have come to love?  No, never.

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